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About Korrö Handicraft village 

Korrö handicraft village is beautifully situated alongside the river of Ronnebyån, in the province of Småland, Tingsryd municipality. Many visitors come here to eat good food in beautiful surroundings. Korrö has a hotel and a hostel, conference facilities, café, and a popular restaurant next to the river. There are many things to see and experience here. Walk and hike in the national park, or enjoy the old buildings which give you a sense of the old craftsmanship and handicraft businesses once active in the village. Korrö is owned by Tingsryd municipality, and managed by the Abrahamsson family. 


Korrö handicraft village has a rich history stretching way back in time. The Ronneby river provided the village with the water power needed for many small companies. At Korrö one of the main roads passed the river and the place became a natural gathering spot for locals and travellers. 

”Corro quarn” is found in the church records from the 1500s. During the second half of the 1800s Korrö flourished with a saw mill, fluor mill, tannery, dye-house, blacksmith, spinning mill, brewery, merchant store, and so forth. The river is divided at Korrö and forms a little island in the middle. In the year of 1948 the last of the old companies closed at Korrö. However, the old buildings are still here, showing the history and giving insights to the handicraft at Korrö. Korrö has once again become a vibrant place as many swedish and foreign guests visit Korrö every year. 

Since 1950 there has been a hostel at Korrö, and in 2007 the restaurant was built. Today there are 22 buildings here, and four of them are used as a hotel and hostel. The national park was founded in the 1970s and is visited every year by many guests. 

Walk freely in the village and enjoy the wonderful surroundings, and for groups there are also guided tours of the village. 

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Korrö is located between the small towns of Linneryd and Rävemåla, along highway 122, stretching Ingelstad - Karlskrona. 

GPS-coordinates: N56.625359°, E15.19804°