The Trading post

Reception/Canoeing central 

Jovial trading post in beautiful surroundings 

In the western wing of Korrö mansion is the cozy and historical trading post situated since 1889. With its nice location, along the former historical highway,  it served as a natural assembly place for the people in the area when the people bought groceries. 

Korrö tradingpost invokes a nostalgic feeling to many visitors. The tradingpost offers confectionery, sweets, ice cream, locally produced products, herbal ointments, honey, soda and lemonade, gifts and souvenirs and much more. The tradingpost/reception/canoeing central at Korrö is open every day during high season (May-September). It is also open for conference guests and groups during low season (October-April).  

The tradingpost is also the reception for the hotel and hostel, and we also sell fishing licenses here. The canoeing central is located in the tradingpost and manages canoe-bookings. Many visitors appreciate the historic interior style in the tradingpost. 

Welcome to Korrö´s delightful tradingpost!