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Á la carte 

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Oyster etc.



Trout roe, smetana, salted cucumber, chives & dilltomato gazpacho, pickled blanched tomato, fresh basil & pickled celery
179 SEK

Småländsk beef tartar
on top round stek, Pickled funnel chanterelles, sour chili, fried shoestrings, smoked emulsion, cress & parmesan
189 SEK

Toast Skagen
topped with bleak roe, butterfried toast, dill & lemon
179 SEK

Broiled scallop
hollandaise crème, ramson gremolata, fresh ramson, sourdough crisps with browned butter, trout roe & lemon pickled cauliflower
199 SEK

Main Courses 

Fallow deer from Bro
Spicy fried, variation of celeriac, smoked carrot, shimejji raw marinated kale and gravy
339 SEK

Fillet of tusk
velouté flavored with blue mussels, shellfish cooked fennel, blue mussels and baby spinach
329 SEK

Småländsk entrecote (sirloin)
Tarragon emulsion, roasted peppers, flavored arugula, semi-dried tomatoes, gravy & fresh French fries
349 SEK

Potato croquette
Flavoured with Gruyere, arugula, paprika emulsion, roasted peppers and semi-dried tomatoes
299 SEK


Crème Brûlée
flavoured with rosemary
109 SEK

with whipped cream, berries, lime curd & roasted white chocolate

Rhubarb & Raspberries
Almond cake with browned butter, raspberry sorbet, roasted almonds, rhubarb consumé, poached rhubarb, lime crème, fresh raspberries & lemon verbena
119; -

Kitchen rum raisins
& ice cream

Today's Sorbe


Supé offer 

Toast Skagen
topped with whitefish roe, fried toast, dill & lemon

Fallow deer from Bro
Spicy fried, variation of celeriac, smoked carrot, shimejji raw marinated kale and gravy

Crème Brûlée
with a slighlty taste of rosemary
595 SEK


Always at Korrö

The classic Korrö schnitzel with meat from Småland, shrimp, white asparagus, gravy & bearnaise, lemon & fresh french fries
269 SEK

The Hamburger/ Halloumi burger
Småland chuck steak, silver onion, cheddar, our ketchup, trufflemayonnaise & fresh french fries
219 SEK / 209 SEK

Smoked Salmon  
Anitasauce, steamed peas, peasprouts, lemon & dillhurled potatoes 
239 SEK


Children´s menu

with our classic ingredients
189 SEK

Fish N Chips 
french fries & remoulade
95 SEK

Organic pancakes 
whipped cream & strawberry jam
85 SEK

Book an activity before or after the meal!

Many guests come to the restaurant in combination with an activity.

The seats/tables in the restaurant can be booked through us, or one may also drop in. We have approximately 100 seats outside, most of them protected by a roof, and we have 100 seats inside. You only have to book seats in advance for the seatings located inside the restaurant.