Enjoy the food at Korrö

Á la carte 

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Oyster etc.



Trout roe, smetana, red onion, parmesan, lemon, & herbs
199 SEK

Småländsk beef tartar
on top round stek, pickled green tomatoes from Långasjö, sour chili, fried shoestrings, dijonnaise, cress & parmesan
189 SEK

Toast Skagen
topped with bleak roe, butterfried toast, dill & lemon
169 SEK

Flambéed tomatoes
from Långasjö, burrata, crushed crispbread, pickled elder, raspberry, cold-pressed olive oil & herbs
189 SEK

Main Courses 

Baked Småländsk sirloin steak
gravy, asparagus, carrot, ramson, shiitake, pickled onion slices & water cress
329 SEK

Panfried Bolmen pike-perch
seafood sauce, gingerpickled cucumber, edamame beans & fresh chivesoil
319 SEK

Småländsk entrecote (sirloin)
gravy, padrons, pico de gallo, parmesan, fresh french fries & herbs
339 SEK

Chantarelle risotto
parmesan, dill, roasted almonds, pepper & ricotta


Crème Brûlée
flavoured with rosemary
99 SEK

with whipped cream, berries, yuzucurd & roasted white chocolate

The apple pie
cooked Discovery apple,roasted shortcrust pastry, foam on Dulche de leche & whipped vanilla ice cream

Cooked blueberries
& ice cream


Supé offer 

Toast Skagen
topped with whitefish roe, fried toast, dill & lemon

Baked småländsk sirloin steak
gravy, asparagus, carrot, ramson, shiitake, pickled onion slices & water cress

Crème Brûlée
with a slighlty taste of rosemary
595 SEK


Always at Korrö

The classic Korrö schnitzel with meat from Småland, shrimp, white asparagus, gravy & bearnaise, lemon & fresh french fries
229 SEK

The Hamburger/ Halloumi burger
Småland chuck steak, silver onion, cheddar, our ketchup, trufflemayonnaise & fresh french fries
219 SEK / 199 SEK

Smoked Salmon  
Anitasauce, steamed peas, peasprouts, lemon & dillhurled potatoes 
229 SEK


Children´s menu

with our classic ingredients
189 SEK

Fish N Chips 
french fries & remoulade
95 SEK

Organic pancakes 
whipped cream & strawberry jam
85 SEK

Book an activity before or after the meal!

Many guests come to the restaurant in combination with an activity.

The seats/tables in the restaurant can be booked through us, or one may also drop in. We have approximately 100 seats outside, most of them protected by a roof, and we have 100 seats inside. You only have to book seats in advance for the seatings located inside the restaurant.