The Lunchmenu is served weekdays

Tuesday-friday, 11.30 - 14.00


Always at Korrö

Potato girdle cake & pork with preserved raw cowberries (lingonberries)
125 SEK

The Hamburger with our ketchup, truffelmayonnaise,mustardpickled silver onion, cheese, sourdough bread, fresh french fries and pickled gherkin 
219 SEK

The classic Korrö schnitzel with shrimp, white asparagus, gravy & bearnaise, lemon & fresh french fries
219 SEK

Smoked Salmon  
Anitasauce, steamed peas, peasprouts, lemon & dillhurled potatoes 
199 SEK

our ketchup, truffelmayonnaise, mustardpickled silver onion, cheese, bread, fresh french fries and pickled gherkin
199 SEK


Homely cooking of the week:

Regina´s Goulashsoup
125 SEK

The Fish of the week:

Grilled salmoncutlet 
135 SEK


Children´s menu

with our classic ingredients
149 SEK

Fish and Chips
french fries & remoulade
75 SEK

Organic pancakes 
whipped cream & strawberry jam
65 SEK