Conference & Groups

Conference & Groups

A conference in a creative environment provides great opportunities to create positive energy in the group. At Korrö you will have all the opportunities. If you choose to stay over we offer rooms in the mansion or the annex, in single-, dubble- or multiple bedrooms with shower and toilet. Bedlinens and cleaning is included in the conference fee. 

If you come with the company, the school class or the association we have many offers - everything from renting single houses with self-catering to renting all Korrö facilities with complete service.


Conference facilities 

Newly renovated facilities in the Café for 30-40 people 

Smaller rooms in the accommodation buildings for group projects/work 

Up to 100 people in the Korrö barn

Smaller groups may get quaint rooms in the old mill, the saw-mill or the dye-works house

The outside environment and beautiful settings also invites to have conferences in the open 


In the newly renovated Coffee cabin (next to the restaurant) we offer breakfast, pastries, lunch and dinner. The restaurant kitchen also offers catering and cooking outside, and food- and barbecueboxes for the groups that want to use cooking as a teambuilding and social activity. 

In every accommodation building there is a kitchen for self-catering fitted to the number of beds. 


Whole day, half day or conference with lodging 

We have packages for both whole- and half day conferences, and if you want to stay the night we have some deals with different starting and ending times so that you may tailor a conference which fits your company or organisation. 


Conference with lodging 

Start the conference with a lunch or a midmorning coffee break day 1, and then finish with a breakfast, lunch or afternoon coffee break day 2. 
You choose.  See pricelist.



Activities that strengthen the group  

At Korrö we have many good activities, why not combine your conference with a geared activity for the group. Here are some examples of activities: 

• Bathing in the bathtub on Korrö cape 

• Health & gourmet tour

• Historical Wingbeats, dramatized guided tour

• Canoeing safari 
• Teamcompetition  
• Fishing  
• Crayfishing
• Crayfish dinner 
• Herbal-tour with professional guide 
• Dowsing rod and the earth´s internal 
• Walking with a guide and picnic  
• Wine-tasting  
• Chocolate-tasting 
• Clay pigeon shooting 

We can also tailor the activities after your need and wishes. 


Conference deal in january-february-march! 

"Perfect for the management team" 

"Unique place with incredibly good food"

"Experience Korrö in the wintertime"